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What skin type are you? Find out now.


Normal skin feels smooth, no oil and flaking.
Dry skin feels tight and can show flakes of dead skin, you have small pores and should moisturise.
Oily skin is greasy, resulting in large pores and shine.
Combination skin is a mixture of the above 3, you will find your skin is dry everywhere, except you T-zone.
Sensitive skin is normally red and itchy, allergic and itchy reactions to products and develop allergic symptoms from surroundings.


How to tell what skin type you are? When you know what skin type you are, makeup shopping is so much easier! 1 hour after your nightly cleanse (do not over wash), simply dab a tissue on your T-zone (area of forehead and nose). Match your tissue results with the above categories.


How do you get rid of pimples?
Run a pin under hot water to sterilise it. Gently pin the pimple, avoid squeezing as the pimple spreads and multiplies.
Maintain a clean face with hot water (as hot as you can bare).


General Skin Tips


Get your sleep - being tired can take a toll on your skin.
Stress less - stress can cause breakouts, nobody likes those!
Not feeling fresh? Lemons support organs like our liver and kidneys which have strong connections to you skin (which if were not aware, is also an organ). Lemons and Oranges can help prevent wrinkles too. Can not go wrong there!
Feeling dry or flakey? Massage your moisturiser into your skin, do not dab or pat on. Gently apply pressure in circular motions. Do the same when washing and cleansing. This stimulates blood circulation and flow.


Add all these few little things together and see a super great change in your skin. Have fun and look after yourselves girls!



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