Beauty tips..


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Taking care of your skin is vital. One great thing about skin care is it can be as inexpensive or as expensive as you like. There are loads of home remedies and therapies you can indulge in or you can book in with expert therapists to help you. Did you know your skin is the last organ in your body to receive the nutrients and vitamins from what you consume? This is why a glass of lemon water every morning (before consuming anything else) is so good for you. The lemon water hydrates and cleanses your organs and insides.


Not feeling fresh? Feeling oily? Well, stress less! A simple change to your morning cleansing routine and you will feel fresher than ever.
When you cleanse, serum and/or moisturise make sure you really massage these products into your skin. The circulation increases and blood starts flowing to the surface.

Are you sick of uneven eye liner lines?

Simply apply cheap sticky tape under your eye to guide you when drawing. You can also repeat on the top eyelid. For defined lines, we recommend liquid eye liner. For smoky effect, we recommend pencil eye liners.

Ever get oily skin?

Dab with blotting paper or a separated tissue. Goodbye excess oil. Best tip ever!!

How to stop foundation caking?

Look more natural after applying moisturiser on top of your foundation. Rub a small amount of moisturiser on your fingertips, gently pat over your foundation.