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How does FREE home hydrotherapy sound? You can do this easily at home yourself. How? Start your shower quite steamy, adjust water to a comfortable heat and stand your body under the running water for 15 seconds. Turn the water to as cold as you can handle and stand under the running water for 15 seconds. Repeat process for 2 - 3 minutes. Your pores will see major benefits. Finish your bathing routine as normal, dry off and moisturise your face, down your neck, chest and the rest of your body!


This is a great way to clean and steam your face, neck and shoulders if you don't want to do your whole body. Simply run a face washer under hot water and apply to your face, neck and chest (be careful not to burn yourself and only apply at a heat you are comfortable with). Now run your face washer under cold water and apply to your face, neck and chest. Repeat 2 to 3 times. Make this a weekly routine, or even twice a week. Dry your face and moisturise. This is great to do when cleansing as it really opens your pores and cleans away dirt.


We help you take care of yourself with important tips. Visit our facebook page for a range of tips and advice. The little things woman do to take care of ourselves can get lost and forgotten - that's why we help you along the way with little tips and treats. Make sure you do not forget the vital practices to have healthy and beautiful skin - it is what is underneath your makeup that makes you happy!